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  1. Ancrum Road Primary School 45 Ancrum Road, Dundee, DD2 2HX
  2. Ardler Primary School Turnberry Avenue, Dundee, DD2 3TP
  3. Baldragon Academy Burn Street, Dundee, DD3 0LB
  4. Ballumbie Primary School 70 Lothian Crescent, Dundee, DD4 0HU
  5. Barnhill Primary School Falkland Crescent, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 3SQ
  6. Blackness Primary School Hawkhill, Dundee, DD1 5RT
  7. Braeview Academy Berwick Drive, Dundee, DD4 0NL
  8. Camperdown Primary School Dunholm Road, Dundee, DD2 4NY
  9. Claypotts Castle Primary School 9 Balloch Place, Dundee, DD4 8TB
  10. Clepington Primary School Eliza Street, Dundee, DD4 6TQ
  11. Craigie High School Garnet Terrace, Dundee, DD4 7QD
  12. Craigiebarns Primary School Brington Road, Dundee, DD4 7UH
  13. Craigowl Primary School Laird Street, Dundee, DD3 9NY
  14. Dens Road Primary School 77 Dens Road, Dundee, DD3 7HY
  15. Downfield Primary School Haldane Crescent, Dundee, DD3 0JP
  16. Eastern Primary School Camperdown Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 3AE
  17. Fintry Primary School 10 Findcastle Terrace, Dundee, DD4 9EL
  18. Forthill Primary School Fintry Place, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 3BE
  19. Glebelands Primary School Baffin Street, Dundee, DD4 6EZ
  20. Gowriehill Primary School Etive Gardens, Dundee, DD2 4JQ
  21. Grove Academy Claypotts Road, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 1AB
  22. Harris Academy Lawton Road, Dundee, DD3 6SY
  23. High School of Dundee Euclid Crescent, Dundee, DD1 1HU
  24. Hillside Primary School Denoon Terrace, Dundee, DD2 2DH
  25. Kingspark School 5 Glenaffric Terrace, Dundee, DD3 8HF
  26. Longhaugh Primary Fintry Terrace, Dundee, DD4 9JH
  27. Menzieshill High School Yarrow Terrace, Dundee, DD2 4DW
  28. Mill Of Mains Primary School Barns Of Claverhouse Road, Dundee, DD4 9RD
  29. Morgan Academy Forfar Road, Dundee, DD4 7AX
  30. Off-site Education Service Dryburgh Education Centre, Napier Drive, Dundee, DD2 2TF
  31. Our Lady's RC Primary School Nelson Street, Dundee, DD1 2PS
  32. Rosebank Primary School Rosebank Road, Dundee, DD3 6LW
  33. Rowantree Primary School 1 Birks Terrace, Dundee, DD4 8EJ
  34. Sidlaw View Primary School Helmsdale Place, Dundee, DD3 0NE
  35. St Andrew's RC Primary School 45 St Leonard Place, Dundee, DD3 9HD
  36. St Clement's RC Primary School Balgarthno Place, Dundee, DD2 4QG
  37. St Fergus' R C Primary School Scotscraig Lane, Turnberry Avenue, Dundee, DD2 3TP
  38. St John's RC High School Harefield Road, Dundee, DD3 6EY
  39. St Joseph's RC Primary School 1 Glenagnes Road, Dundee, DD2 2AB
  40. St Luke's & St Matthew's RC Primary School Longhaugh Road, Dundee, DD4 9NG
  41. St Mary's RC Primary School St Mary's Lane, Lochee, Dundee, DD2 3AQ
  42. St Ninian's RC Primary School Dochart Terrace, Menzieshill, Dundee, DD2 4HB
  43. St Paul's RC Academy 90 Gillburn Road, Dundee, DD3 0EH
  44. St Peter & Paul RC School Byron Street, Dundee, DD3 6QN
  45. St Pius' RC Primary School Banchory Road, Dundee, DD4 7TQ
  46. St Vincent's RC Primary School Pitkerro Road, Dundee, DD4 8EP
  47. Victoria Park Primary School 1 Glenagnes Road, Dundee, DD2 2AB


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