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Avalon School, Caldy Road, Wirral, CH48 2HE
Barnston Primary School, Sandham Grove, Wirral, CH60 1XW
Bebington High Sports College, Higher Bebington Road, Wirral, CH63 2PS
Bedford Drive Primary School, Bedford Drive, Birkenhead, CH42 6RT
Bidston Avenue Primary School, Tollemache Road, Birkenhead, CH41 0DQ
Bidston Village CofE (Controlled) Primary School, Ballantyne Drive, Prenton, CH43 7XG
Birkenhead Christ Church CofE Primary School, Brattan Road, Birkenhead, CH41 2UJ
Birkenhead High School Academy, 86 Devonshire Place, Prenton, CH43 1TY
Birkenhead School, 58 Beresford Road, Prenton, CH43 2JD
Black Horse Hill Infant School, Saughall Massie Road, Wirral, CH48 6DR
Black Horse Hill Junior School, Saughall Massie Road, Wirral, CH48 6DR
Brackenwood Infant School, Pulford Road, Wirral, CH63 2HN
Brackenwood Junior School, Norbury Avenue, Wirral, CH63 2HH
Brookdale Primary School, Escolme Drive, Wirral, CH49 1SE
Brookhurst Primary School, Brookhurst Road, Wirral, CH63 0EH
Calday Grange Grammar School, Grammar School Lane, Wirral, CH48 8GG
Castleway Primary School, Castleway North, Wirral, CH46 1RN
Cathcart Street Primary School, Dover Close, Birkenhead, CH41 3JY
Christ The King Catholic Primary School, Allport Road, Wirral, CH62 6AE
Church Drive Primary School, Church Drive, Wirral, CH62 5EF
Clare Mount Specialist Sports College, Fender Lane, Wirral, CH46 9PA
Devonshire Park Primary School, Temple Road, Birkenhead, CH42 9JX
Eastway Primary School, Eastway, Wirral, CH46 8SS
Egremont Primary School, Church Street, Wallasey, CH44 8AF
Elleray Park School, Elleray Park Road, Wallasey, CH45 0LH
Fender Primary School, New Hey Road, Wirral, CH49 8HB
Foxfield School, Douglas Drive, Wirral, CH46 6BT
Gayton Primary School, Gayton Road, Wirral, CH60 8PZ
Gilbrook School, Glebe Hey Road, Wirral, CH49 8HE
Greasby Infant School, Barker Lane, Wirral, CH49 3NX
Greasby Junior School, Mill Lane, Wirral, CH49 3AR
Great Meols Primary School, Elwyn Road, Wirral, CH47 7AP
Greenleas Primary School, Green Lane, Wallasey, CH45 8LZ
Grove Street Primary School, Grove Street, Wirral, CH62 5BA
Hayfield School, Manor Drive, Wirral, CH49 4LN
Heswall Primary School, Whitfield Lane, Wirral, CH60 7SD
Heswall St Peter's CofE Primary School, Thurstaston Road, Wirral, CH60 4SA
Heygarth Primary School, Heygarth Road, Wirral, CH62 8AG
Higher Bebington Junior School, Mill Road, Wirral, CH63 8QE
Hilbre High School, Frankby Road, Wirral, CH48 6EQ
Hillside Primary School, Ridgeview Road, Prenton, CH43 9AB
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Gautby Road, Birkenhead, CH41 7DU
Holy Spirit Catholic and Church of England Primary School, Gardenside, Wirral, CH46 2RP
Hoylake Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, Market Street, Wirral, CH47 3BH
Irby Primary School, Coombe Road, Wirral, CH61 4UR
Kilgarth School, Cavendish Street, Birkenhead, CH41 8BA
Kingsmead School, Bertram Drive, Wirral, CH47 0LL
Kingsway Primary School, Ashville Road, Wallasey, CH44 9EF
Ladymount Catholic Primary School, Portal Road, Wirral, CH61 5YD
Leasowe Primary School, Oxley Avenue, Wirral, CH46 1RU
Lingham Primary School, Townmeadow Lane, Wirral, CH46 7UQ
Liscard Primary School, Withens Lane, Wallasey, CH45 7NQ
Manor Primary School, Beechwood Drive, Prenton, CH43 7ZU
Meadowside School, Pool Lane, Wirral, CH49 5LA
Mendell Primary School, Allport Lane, Wirral, CH62 7HN
Mersey Park Primary School, Elm Road, Birkenhead, CH42 0PH
Millfields Church of England (Controlled) Primary School, Willington Avenue, Wirral, CH62 9EB
Moreton Christ Church CofE Primary School, Upton Road, Wirral, CH46 0PB
Mount Primary School, Mount Pleasant Road, Wallasey, CH45 5HU
New Brighton Primary School, Vaughan Road, Wallasey, CH45 1LH
Orrets Meadow School, Chapelhill Road, Wirral, CH46 9QQ
Our Lady and St Edward's Catholic Primary School, Price Street, Birkenhead, CH41 8DU
Our Lady of Pity Catholic Primary School, Rigby Drive, Wirral, CH49 1RE
Overchurch Infant School, Moreton Road, Wirral, CH49 4NS
Overchurch Junior School, Moreton Road, Wirral, CH49 4NS
Oxton St Saviour's CofE Aided Primary School, Holm Lane, Prenton, CH43 2HT
Park Primary School, Woodstock Road, Wallasey, CH44 5RN
Pensby High School for Boys: A Specialist Sports College, Irby Road, Wirral, CH61 6XN
Pensby High School for Girls, Irby Road, Wirral, CH61 6XN
Pensby Primary School, Greenbank Drive, Wirral, CH61 5UE
Portland Primary School, Laird Street, Birkenhead, CH41 0AB
Poulton Lancelyn Primary School, Venables Drive, Wirral, CH63 9LY
Prenton High School for Girls, Hesketh Avenue, Birkenhead, CH42 6RR
Prenton Preparatory School, Mount Pleasant, Prenton, CH43 5SY
Prenton Primary School, Bramwell Avenue, Prenton, CH43 0SR
Raeburn Primary School, Morland Avenue, Wirral, CH62 6BD
Redcourt - St Anselm's, 7 Devonshire Place, Prenton, CH43 1TX
Ridgeway High School, Noctorum Avenue, Prenton, CH43 9EB
Riverside Primary School, Brighton Street, Wallasey, CH44 6QW
Rock Ferry Primary School, Ionic Street, Birkenhead, CH42 2BL
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Danger Lane, Wirral, CH46 8UG
Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School, Atherton Street, Wallasey, CH45 9LT
Sandbrook Primary School, Stavordale Road, Wirral, CH46 9PS
Somerville Primary School, Northbrook Road, Wallasey, CH44 9AR
South Wirral High School, Plymyard Avenue, Wirral, CH62 8EH
St Alban's Catholic Primary School, Ashburton Road, Wallasey, CH44 5XB
St Andrew's CofE Aided Primary School, Townfield Lane, Wirral, CH63 7NL
St Anne's Catholic Primary School, Highfield South, Birkenhead, CH42 4NE
St Anselm's College, Manor Hill, Prenton, CH43 1UQ
St Anselm's College, Manor Hill, Prenton, CH43 1UQ
St George's Primary School, St George's Road, Wallasey, CH45 3NF
St John Plessington Catholic College, Old Chester Road, Wirral, CH63 7LF
St John's Catholic Infant School, Old Chester Road, Wirral, CH63 7LH
St John's Catholic Junior School, Old Chester Road, Wirral, CH63 7LH
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Upton, Moreton Road, Wirral, CH49 6LL
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Birkenhead, Woodchurch Road, Prenton, CH43 5UT
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Wallasey, Wheatland Lane, Wallasey, CH44 7ED
St Mary's Catholic College, Wallasey Village, Wallasey, CH45 3LN
St Michael and All Angels Catholic Primary School, New Hey Road, Wirral, CH49 5LE
St Paul's Catholic Primary School, Farmfield Drive, Prenton, CH43 7TE
St Peter's Catholic Primary School, St Peter's Way, Prenton, CH43 9QR
St Werburgh's Catholic Primary School, Park Grove, Birkenhead, CH41 2TD
Stanley School, Pensby Road, Wirral, CH61 7UG
Stanton Road Primary School, Stanton Road, Wirral, CH63 3HW
The Lyndale School, Lyndale Avenue, Wirral, CH62 8DE
The Mosslands School, Mosslands Drive, Wallasey, CH45 8PJ
The Observatory School, Bidston Village Road, Prenton, CH43 7QT
The Oldershaw Academy, Valkyrie Road, Wallasey, CH45 4RJ
The Priory Parish CofE Primary School, Aberdeen Street, Birkenhead, CH41 4HS
Thingwall Primary School, Pensby Road, Wirral, CH61 7UG
Thornton Hough Primary School, St George's Way, Wirral, CH63 1JJ
Thurstaston Dawpool CofE Primary School, School Lane, Wirral, CH61 0HH
Town Lane Infant School, Town Lane, Wirral, CH63 8LD
Townfield Primary School, Townfield Lane, Prenton, CH43 2LH
University Academy of Birkenhead, Park Road South, Prenton, CH43 4UY
Upton Hall School FCJ, Upton, Wirral, CH49 6LJ
Wallasey School, Birket Avenue, Wirral, CH46 1RB
Wasp, 235 Leasowe Road, Wallasey, CH45 8RE
Weatherhead High School, Breck Rd, Wallasey, CH44 3HS
Well Lane Primary School, Well Lane, Birkenhead, CH42 5PF
West Kirby Grammar School, Graham Road, Wirral, CH48 5DP
West Kirby Primary School, Anglesey Road, Wirral, CH48 5EQ
West Kirby St Bridget's CofE Primary School, St Bridget's Lane, Wirral, CH48 3JT
Wirral Grammar School for Boys, Cross Lane, Wirral, CH63 3AQ
Wirral Grammar School for Girls, Heath Road, Wirral, CH63 3AF
Wirral Hospitals School and Home Education Service Community Base, 157 Park Road North, Wirral, CH41 0EZ
Woodchurch CofE Primary School, Church Lane, Wirral, CH49 7LS
Woodchurch High School, Carr Bridge Road, Wirral, CH49 7NG
Woodchurch Road Primary School, Woodchurch Road, Birkenhead, CH42 9LJ
Woodlands Primary School, Hollybank Road, Birkenhead, CH41 2SY
Woodslee Primary School, Croft Avenue, Wirral, CH62 2BP