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Ackton Pastures Primary School, College Grove, Castleford, WF10 5NS
Ackworth Howard Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior and Infant School, Station Road, Pontefract, WF7 7HH
Ackworth Mill Dam Junior and Infant School, Mill Gate, Pontefract, WF7 7PH
Ackworth School, Ackworth, Pontefract, WF7 7LT
Airedale Academy, Crewe Road, Castleford, WF10 3JU
Airedale Infant School, Poplar Avenue, Castleford, WF10 3QJ
All Saints Featherstone CofE (VA) Junior Infant and Nursery School, North Close, Pontefract, WF7 6BQ
Alverthorpe St Paul's CofE (VA) School 3-11yrs, St Paul's Drive, Wakefield, WF2 0BT
Ash Grove Junior and Infant School, Ash Grove, Pontefract, WF9 2TF
Badsworth Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior and Infant School, Main Street, Pontefract, WF9 1AJ
Bell Lane Primary (J and I) School, Bell Lane, Pontefract, WF7 7JH
Carleton Community High School A Specialist Science With Mathematics School, Green Lane, Pontefract, WF8 3NW
Castleford Academy, Ferrybridge Road, Castleford, WF10 4JQ
Castleford Airedale Junior School, Fryston Road, Castleford, WF10 3EP
Castleford Glasshoughton Infant School, Newfield Avenue, Castleford, WF10 4BH
Castleford Half Acres Primary School, Temple Street, Castleford, WF10 5RE
Castleford Oyster Park Primary School, Watling Road, Castleford, WF10 3SN
Castleford Park Junior Academy, Medley Street, Castleford, WF10 4BB
Castleford Redhill Infant School, Queen's Park Drive, Castleford, WF10 3JX
Castleford Redhill Junior School, Stansfield Drive, Castleford, WF10 3DB
Castleford Three Lane Ends Academy, Methley Road, Castleford, WF10 1PN
Castleford Townville Infants' School, Poplar Avenue, Castleford, WF10 3QJ
Castleford Wheldon Infant School and Nursery, Francis Street, Castleford, WF10 1HF
Cathedral Academy, Thornes Road, Wakefield, WF2 8QF
Cobblers Lane Primary School, Harefield Road, Pontefract, WF8 2HN
Crigglestone Dane Royd Junior and Infant School, Stoney Lane, Wakefield, WF4 3LZ
Crigglestone Mackie Hill Junior and Infant School, Painthorpe Lane, Wakefield, WF4 3HW
Crigglestone St James CofE Primary Academy, St James Way, Wakefield, WF4 3HY
Crofton Academy, High Street, Wakefield, WF4 1NF
Crofton Infant School, High Street, Wakefield, WF4 1NG
Crofton Junior School, Slack Lane, Wakefield, WF4 1HJ
Darrington Church of England Primary School, Denby Crest, Pontefract, WF8 3SB
De Lacy Academy, Middle Lane, Knottingley, WF11 0BZ
Dimple Well Infant School and Nursery, Healey Road, Ossett, WF5 8LB
England Lane Academy, England Lane, Knottingley, WF11 0JA
English Martyrs Catholic Primary School, Dewsbury Road, Wakefield, WF2 9DD
Featherstone Girnhill Infant School, Hardwick Road, Pontefract, WF7 5JB
Featherstone North Featherstone Junior and Infant School, Gordon Street, Pontefract, WF7 6LW
Featherstone Purston Infant School, Nunns Lane, Pontefract, WF7 5HF
Featherstone Purston St Thomas Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School, George Street, Pontefract, WF7 5BG
Fitzwilliam Primary School, Second Avenue, Pontefract, WF9 5BA
Gawthorpe Community Academy, High Street, Ossett, WF5 9QP
Havercroft Academy, Cow Lane, Wakefield, WF4 2BE
Heath View Academy, Irwin Crescent, Wakefield, WF1 4QY
Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy, Wakefield Road, Pontefract, WF9 4AB
Hemsworth Grove Lea Primary School, Station Road, Pontefract, WF9 4JJ
Hendal Primary School, Hendal Lane, Wakefield, WF2 7QW
High Well School - South Hiendley, High Well Hill Lane, Barnsley, S72 9DF
Highfield School, Gawthorpe Lane, Ossett, WF5 9BS
Holy Family and St Michael's Catholic Primary School, Pontefract, Cobblers Lane, Pontefract, WF8 2HN
Horbury Academy, Wakefield Road, Wakefield, WF4 5HE
Horbury Bridge Church of England Junior and Infant Academy, Bridge Road, Wakefield, WF4 5PS
Horbury Primary School, Northfield Lane, Wakefield, WF4 5DW
Horbury St Peter's and Clifton CofE (VC) Primary School, Shepstye Road, Wakefield, WF4 5BE
Infant School Moorthorpe Primary (J and I ) School, Regent Street, Pontefract, WF9 2BL
Inglebrook School, Northgate Close, Pontefract, WF8 1JL
Jerry Clay Academy, Jerry Clay Lane, Wakefield, WF2 0NP
Kettlethorpe High School, A Specialist Maths and Computing College, Kettlethorpe Hall Drive, Wakefield, WF2 7EL
Kingsland Primary School, Aberford Road, Wakefield, WF3 4BA
Kinsley Primary (J and I) School, Wakefield Road, Pontefract, WF9 5BP
Knottingley St Botolphs C of E Academy, Primrose Vale, Knottingley, WF11 9BT
Martin Frobisher Infant School, Church Road, Normanton, WF6 2NU
Methodist Voluntary Controlled Junior, Infant and Nursery School: With Communication Resource, Field Lane, Wakefield, WF2 7RU
Minsthorpe Community College, A Specialist Science College, Minsthorpe Lane, Pontefract, WF9 2UJ
Newlands Primary School, Wakefield Road, Normanton, WF6 1BB
Newton Hill Community School, Leeds Road, Wakefield, WF1 2HR
Normanton All Saints CofE Infant School, High Street, Normanton, WF6 1NR
Normanton Altofts Junior School, Ash Tree Gardens, Normanton, WF6 2NF
Normanton Altofts Lee Brigg Infant School, Lee Brigg, Normanton, WF6 2LN
Normanton Common Primary School, Castleford Road, Normanton, WF6 1QU
Normanton Junior School, Church Lane, Normanton, WF6 1EY
Northfield Primary School: With Communication Resource, Northfield Lane, Pontefract, WF9 3LY
Oakfield Park School, Ackworth, Barnsley Road, Pontefract, WF7 7DT
Ossett Academy and Sixth Form College, Storrs Hill Road, Ossett, WF5 0DG
Ossett Flushdyke Junior and Infant School, Wakefield Road, Ossett, WF5 9AN
Ossett Holy Trinity CofE VA Primary School, Church Street, Ossett, WF5 9DG
Ossett South Parade Primary, Fairfield Road, Wakefield, WF5 0DZ
Ossett Southdale Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School, Southdale Road, Ossett, WF5 8BA
Outwood Grange Academy, Potovens Lane, Wakefield, WF1 2PF
Outwood Primary Academy Kirkhamgate, Brandy Carr Road, Wakefield, WF2 0RS
Outwood Primary Academy Ledger Lane, Ledger Lane, Wakefield, WF1 2PH
Outwood Primary Academy Lofthouse Gate, Canal Lane, Wakefield, WF3 3HU
Pinderfields Hospital School, Wrenthorpe Centre, Wakefield, WF2 0LW
Pontefract Carleton Park Junior and Infant School, Moxon Close, Pontefract, WF8 3PT
Pontefract De Lacy Primary School, Chequerfield Lane, Pontefract, WF8 2TG
Pontefract Halfpenny Lane Junior Infant and Nursery School, Halfpenny Lane, Pontefract, WF8 4BW
Pontefract Larks Hill Junior and Infant School, Larks Hill, Pontefract, WF8 4RJ
Pontefract Orchard Head Junior and Infant and Nursery School, Orchard Head Lane, Pontefract, WF8 2NJ
Queen Elizabeth Grammar Junior School, 158 Northgate, Wakefield, WF1 3QY
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, 154 Northgate, Wakefield, WF1 3QX
Rooks Nest Academy, Rooks Nest Road, Wakefield, WF1 3DX
Ryhill Junior, Infant and Nursery School, Chapel Street, Wakefield, WF4 2AD
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Highfield Road, Pontefract, WF9 4LJ
Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School, Barnsley Road, Wakefield, WF2 6AS
Sandal Magna Community Academy, Belle Vue Road, Wakefield, WF1 5NF
Sharlston Community School (3-11): With Visual Impairment Resource, Hammer Lane, Wakefield, WF4 1DH
Shay Lane Primary (J and I) School, Shay Lane, Wakefield, WF4 1NN
Silcoates School, Wrenthorpe, Wakefield, WF2 0PD
Simpson's Lane Academy, Sycamore Avenue, Knottingley, WF11 0PL
Sitlington Middlestown Junior and Infant School, Cross Road, Wakefield, WF4 4QE
Sitlington Netherton Junior and Infant School, Netherton Lane, Wakefield, WF4 4HQ
Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary School, Castleford, Ashton Road, Castleford, WF10 5AX
South Elmsall Carlton Junior and Infant School, Carlton Road, Pontefract, WF9 2QQ
South Hiendley Junior Infant and Early Years School, George Street, Barnsley, S72 9BY
South Kirkby Common Road Infant and Nursery School, Common Road, Pontefract, WF9 3EA
South Ossett Infant Academy, Vicar Lane, Ossett, WF5 0BE
St Austin's Catholic Primary School, Duke of York Street, Wakefield, WF1 3PF
St Giles CofE (VA) J&I Pontefract, Skinner Lane, Pontefract, WF8 1HG
St Helen's CE Primary School, Highfield Road, Pontefract, WF9 4EG
St Ignatius Catholic Primary School, Storrs Hill Road, Ossett, WF5 0DQ
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Newgate, Pontefract, WF8 4AA
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Newgate, Pontefract, WF8 4AA
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Castleford, Pontefract Road, Castleford, WF10 4JB
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Castleford, Pontefract Road, Castleford, WF10 4JB
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Moorthorpe, Barnsley Road, Pontefract, WF9 2BP
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Moorthorpe, Barnsley Road, Pontefract, WF9 2BP
St Michael's CofE Academy, Flanshaw Lane, Wakefield, WF2 9JA
St Thomas � Becket Catholic Secondary School, A Voluntary Academy, Barnsley Road, Wakefield, WF2 6EQ
St Wilfrid's Catholic High School & Sixth Form College: A Voluntary Academy, Cutsyke Road, Pontefract, WF7 6BD
St. John the Baptist Catholic Primary School, Beckbridge Lane, Normanton, WF6 2HZ
Stanley Grove Primary and Nursery School, Aberford Road, Wakefield, WF3 4NT
Stanley St Peters Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Lake Lock Road, Wakefield, WF3 4HS
Stockingate Mill Junior School, Stockingate, Pontefract, WF9 3DP
Streethouse, Junior, Infant and Nursery, Whinney Lane, Pontefract, WF7 6DJ
Sunny Hill House School, Wrenthorpe Lane, Wakefield, WF2 0QB
The Featherstone Academy, Pontefract Road, Pontefract, WF7 5AJ
The Freeston Academy, Favell Avenue, Normanton, WF6 1HZ
The King's School Specialising in Mathematics and Computing, Mill Hill Lane, Pontefract, WF8 4JF
The King's School Specialising in Mathematics and Computing, Mill Hill Lane, Pontefract, WF8 4JF
The Priory Centre, Pontefract Road, Wakefield, WF4 1LL
The Rookeries Carleton Junior and Infant School: With Hearing Impairment Resource, Carleton Road, Pontefract, WF8 3NP
The Springfield Centre, St Georges Road, Wakefield, WF2 8BB
The Vale Primary Academy, Ferrybridge Road, Knottingley, WF11 8JF
Towngate Primary School, Whitley Spring Road, Ossett, WF5 0QA
Upton Primary School, Waggon Lane, Pontefract, WF9 1JS
Wakefield Castle Grove Infant School, Pinfold Lane, Wakefield, WF2 7LN
Wakefield City Academy, Warmfield View, Wakefield, WF1 4SF
Wakefield Flanshaw Junior and Infant School, Flanshaw Road, Wakefield, WF2 0AS
Wakefield Girls' High School, Wentworth Street, Wakefield, WF1 2QS
Wakefield Girls' High School Junior School, 2 St John's Square, Wakefield, WF1 2QX
Wakefield Greenhill Primary School, Greenhill Road, Wakefield, WF1 4LU
Wakefield Independent School, Nostell Centre, Wakefield, WF4 1QG
Wakefield Lawefield Primary School, Lawefield Lane, Wakefield, WF2 8ST
Wakefield Pathways School, Poplar Avenue, Castleford, WF10 3QJ
Wakefield Pinders Primary (JIN) School, Eastmoor Road, Wakefield, WF1 3SQ
Wakefield Snapethorpe Primary School, St George's Road, Wakefield, WF2 8AA
Wakefield St Johns Church of England Voluntary Aided Junior and Infant School, Belgravia Road, Wakefield, WF1 3JP
Wakefield St Marys Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, Charles Street, Wakefield, WF1 4PE
Wakefield the Mount Junior and Infant School, The Mount, Wakefield, WF2 8QW
Walton Primary Academy, The Grove, Wakefield, WF2 6LD
West Bretton Junior and Infant School, Bretton Lane, Wakefield, WF4 4LB
West End Academy, Regent Street, Pontefract, WF9 4QJ
Willow Green Academy, Hampden Close, Knottingley, WF11 8PT
Wrenthorpe Primary School, Imperial Avenue, Wakefield, WF2 0LW