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Banister Primary School and Nursery, Banister Gardens, Southampton, SO15 2LX
Bassett Green Primary School, Honeysuckle Road, Southampton, SO16 3BZ
Beechwood Junior School, Juniper Road, Southampton, SO18 4EG
Bevois Town Primary School, Cedar Road, Southampton, SO14 6RU
Bitterne CE Primary School, Brownlow Avenue, Southampton, SO19 7BX
Bitterne Manor Primary School, Quayside Road, Southampton, SO18 1DP
Bitterne Park Primary School, Manor Farm Road, Southampton, SO18 1NX
Bitterne Park School, Copsewood Road, Southampton, SO18 1BU
Cantell School, Violet Road, Southampton, SO16 3GJ
Chamberlayne College for the Arts, Tickleford Drive, Southampton, SO19 9QP
Fairisle Infant and Nursery School, Fairisle Road, Southampton, SO16 8BY
Fairisle Junior School, Fairisle Road, Southampton, SO16 8BY
Foundry Lane Primary School, Foundry Lane, Southampton, SO15 3JT
Freemantle Church of England Community Academy, Mansion Road, Southampton, SO15 3BQ
Glenfield Infant School, Rossington Way, Southampton, SO18 4RN
Great Oaks School, Vermont Close, Southampton, SO16 7LT
Harefield Primary School, Yeovil Chase, Southampton, SO18 5NZ
Highfield Church of England Primary School, Hawthorn Road, Southampton, SO17 1PX
Hightown Primary School, Tunstall Road, Southampton, SO19 6AA
Hollybrook Infant School, Seagarth Close, Southampton, SO16 6RN
Hollybrook Junior School, Seagarth Lane, Southampton, SO16 6RL
Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Mansel Road West, Southampton, SO16 9LP
Kanes Hill Primary School, Fairfax Court, Southampton, SO19 6FW
King Edward VI School, Kellett Road, Southampton, SO15 7UQ
Ludlow Infant Academy, Ludlow Road, Southampton, SO19 2EU
Ludlow Junior School, Peveril Road, Southampton, SO19 2DW
Mansbridge Primary School, Octavia Road, Southampton, SO18 2LX
Mansel Park Primary School, Culver Close, Southampton, SO16 9HZ
Mason Moor Primary School, Helvellyn Road, Southampton, SO16 4AS
Maytree Nursery and Infants' School, Derby Road, Southampton, SO14 0DY
Moorlands Primary School, Kesteven Way, Southampton, SO18 5RJ
Mount Pleasant Junior School, Mount Pleasant Road, Southampton, SO14 0WZ
Newlands Primary School, Ullswater Road, Southampton, SO16 9EA
Oakwood Primary School, Sandpiper Road, Southampton, SO16 8FD
Oasis Academy Lord's Hill, Romsey Road, Southampton, SO16 8FA
Oasis Academy Mayfield, Ashley Crescent, Southampton, SO19 9NA
Pass: Positive Alternatives for Southampton Students, 18 Melbourne Street, Southampton, SO14 5FB
Portswood Primary School, Somerset Road, Southampton, SO17 3AA
Redbridge Community School, Cuckmere Lane, Southampton, SO16 9RJ
Redbridge Primary School, 100 Redbridge Road, Southampton, SO15 0NR
Regents Park Community College, King Edward Avenue, Southampton, SO16 4GW
Rosewood Free School, 300 Aldermoor Road, Southampton, SO16 5NA
Saint George Catholic Voluntary Aided College Southampton, Leaside Way, Southampton, SO16 3DQ
Shirley Infant School, Bellemoor Road, Southampton, SO15 5XE
Shirley Junior School, Bellemoor Road, Southampton, SO15 5XE
Shirley Warren Learning Campus Primary & Nursery School, Warren Crescent, Southampton, SO16 6AY
Sholing Infant School, Heath Road, Southampton, SO19 2QF
Sholing Junior School, Middle Road, Southampton, SO19 8PT
Sinclair Primary and Nursery School, Sinclair Road, Southampton, SO16 8GF
Southampton Children's Hospital School, Southampton, SO16 6HU
Springhill Catholic Primary School, Milton Road, Southampton, SO15 2HW
Springwell School, Hinkler Road, Southampton, SO19 6DH
St Anne's Catholic School, Carlton Road, Southampton, SO15 2WZ
St Anne's Catholic School, Carlton Road, Southampton, SO15 2WZ
St Denys Primary School, Dundee Road, Southampton, SO17 2ND
St John's Primary and Nursery School, Castle Way, Southampton, SO14 2AU
St Mark's Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Stafford Road, Southampton, SO15 5TE
St Mary's Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Ascupart Street, Southampton, SO14 1LU
St Mary's College, 57 Midanbury Lane, Southampton, SO18 4DJ
St Monica Primary School, Bay Road, Southampton, SO19 8EZ
St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Fort Road, Southampton, SO19 2JE
St Winifred's School, 17-19 Winn Road, Southampton, SO17 1EJ
Swaythling Primary School, Mayfield Road, Southampton, SO17 3SZ
Tanners Brook Primary School, Elmes Drive, Southampton, SO15 4PF
The Cedar School, Redbridge Lane, Southampton, SO16 0XN
The Gregg School, Townhill Park House, Southampton, SO18 2GF
The Polygon School, Handel Terrace, Southampton, SO15 2FH
The Sholing Technology College, Middle Road, Southampton, SO19 8PH
Thornhill Primary School, Byron Road, Southampton, SO19 6FH
Townhill Infant School, Benhams Road, Southampton, SO18 2FG
Townhill Junior School, Benhams Road, Southampton, SO18 2NX
Tremona Road Hospital and Home, Education Service, Southampton, SO16 6HU
Upper Shirley High School, Bellemoor Road, Southampton, SO15 7QU
Valentine Primary School, Valentine Avenue, Southampton, SO19 0EQ
Vermont School, Vermont Close, Southampton, SO16 7LT
Weston Park Primary School, Newtown Road, Southampton, SO19 9HX
Weston Shore Infant School, Foxcott Close, Southampton, SO19 9JQ
Woodlands Community College, Minstead Avenue, Southampton, SO18 5FW
Woolston Infant School, Florence Road, Southampton, SO19 9DB
Wordsworth Primary School, Stratton Road, Southampton, SO15 5RA