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Abbey College Manchester, 5-7 Cheapside, Manchester, M2 4WG
Abbey Hey Primary Academy, Abbey Hey Lane, Manchester, M18 8PF
Abbott Community Primary School, Livesey Street, Manchester, M40 7PR
Abraham Moss Community School, Crescent Road, Manchester, M8 5UF
Acacias Community Primary School, Alexandra Drive, Manchester, M19 2WW
All Saints CofE Primary School, Culcheth Lane, Manchester, M40 1LS
All Saints Primary School, Belle Vue Street, Manchester, M12 5PW
Alma Park Primary School, Errwood Road, Manchester, M19 2PF
Armitage CofE Primary School, Rostron Avenue, Manchester, M12 5NP
Ashbury Meadow Primary School, Rylance Street, Manchester, M11 3NA
Ashgate Specialist Support Primary School, Crossacres Road, Manchester, M22 5DR
Baguley Hall Primary School, Ackworth Drive, Manchester, M23 1LB
Barlow Hall Primary School, Darley Avenue, Manchester, M21 2JA
Beaver Road Primary School, Beaver Road, Manchester, M20 6SX
Beis Ruchel Girls School, 1-7 Seymour Road, Manchester, M8 5BQ
Benchill Primary School, Benchill Road, Manchester, M22 8EJ
Birchfields Primary School, Lytham Road, Manchester, M14 6PL
Bowker Vale Primary School, Middleton Road, Manchester, M8 4NB
Briscoe Lane Academy, Briscoe Lane, Manchester, M40 2TB
Broad Oak Primary School, Broad Oak Lane, Manchester, M20 5QB
Broadhurst Primary School, Williams Road, Manchester, M40 0BX
Brookburn Community School, Brookburn Road, Manchester, M21 8EH
Buglawton Hall School, Buxton Road, Congleton, CW12 3PQ
Burnage Media Arts College, Burnage Lane, Manchester, M19 1ER
Button Lane Primary School, Button Lane, Manchester, M23 0ND
Camberwell Park Specialist Support School, Bank House Road, Manchester, M9 8LT
Cavendish Primary School, Cavendish Road, Manchester, M20 1JG
Cedar Mount Academy, Gorton Education Village, Gorton, M18 7DT
Chapel Street Primary School, Chapel Street, Manchester, M19 3GH
Charlestown Community Primary School, Pilkington Road, Manchester, M9 7BX
Cheetham CofE Community School, Halliwell Lane, Manchester, M8 9FR
Cheetwood Primary School, Waterloo Road, Manchester, M8 8EJ
Chethams School of Music, Long Millgate, Manchester, M3 1SB
Chorlton CofE Primary School, Vicars Road, Manchester, M21 9JA
Chorlton High School, Nell Lane, Manchester, M21 7SL
Chorlton Park Primary School, Barlow Moor Road, Manchester, M21 7HH
Christ The King RC Primary School Manchester, Culcheth Lane, Manchester, M40 1LU
Claremont Primary School, Claremont Road, Manchester, M14 7NA
CofE School of The Resurrection, Pilgrim Drive, Manchester, M11 3TJ
Crab Lane Primary School, Crab Lane, Manchester, M9 8NB
Cravenwood Primary Academy, Cravenwood Road, Manchester, M8 5AE
Cringle Brook Primary School, 388 Slade Lane, Levenshulme, M19 2HT
Crossacres Primary Academyl, Crossacres Road, Manchester, M22 5AD
Crosslee Community Primary School, 1 Crosslee Road, Manchester, M9 6TG
Crowcroft Park Primary School, Northmoor Road, Manchester, M12 5SY
Crumpsall Lane Primary School, Crumpsall Lane, Manchester, M8 5SR
Didsbury CofE Primary School, Elm Grove, Manchester, M20 6RL
E-ACT Blackley Academy, Victoria Avenue, Manchester, M9 0RD
Etz Chaim School at The Belmont, 89 Middleton Road, Manchester, M8 4JY
Gorton Mount Primary Academy, Mount Road, Manchester, M18 7GR
Grange School, 77 Dickenson Road, Manchester, M14 5AZ
Green End Primary School, Burnage Lane, Manchester, M19 1DR
Haveley Hey Community School, Nearbrook Road, Manchester, M22 9NS
Heald Place Primary School, Heald Place, Manchester, M14 7PN
Higher Openshaw Community School, Saunton Road, Manchester, M11 1AJ
Holy Name Roman Catholic Primary School Manchester, Denmark Road, Manchester, M15 6JS
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, Capstan Street, Manchester, M9 4DU
Irk Valley Community School, Hazelbottom Road, Manchester, M8 5UX
Kassim Darwish Grammar School for Boys, Hartley Hall, Manchester, M16 8NH
King David Primary School, Wilton Polygon, Crumpsall, M8 5DJ
King of Kings School, 142 Dantzic Street, Manchester, M4 4DN
Ladybarn Primary School, Briarfield Road, Manchester, M20 4SR
Lancasterian School, Elizabeth Slinger Road, Manchester, M20 2XA
Levenshulme High School, Crossley Road, Manchester, M19 1FS
Lily Lane Primary School, Kenyon Lane, Manchester, M40 9JP
Longsight Community Primary, Farrer Road, Manchester, M13 0QX
Loreto High School Chorlton, Nell Lane, Manchester, M21 7SW
Manchester Academy, Moss Lane East, Manchester, M14 4PX
Manchester Communication Academy, Silchester Drive, Manchester, M40 8NT
Manchester Communications Primary Academy, Silchester Drive, Manchester, M40 8NT
Manchester Creative and Media Academy, 300 Victoria Avenue East, Manchester, M9 7SS
Manchester Enterprise Academy, Simonsway, Wythenshawe, M22 9RH
Manchester Health Academy, Moor Road, Wythenshawe, M23 9BP
Manchester High School for Girls, Grangethorpe Road, Manchester, M14 6HS
Manchester Hospital Schools and Home Teaching Service, Oxford Road/Upper Brook Street, Manchester, M13 9WL
Manchester Islamic High School for Girls, 55 High Lane, Manchester, M21 9FA
Manchester KS3/4 PRU, Crossley Street Centre, Gorton, M18 8BA
Manchester Muslim Preparatory School, 551 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M20 4BA
Manley Park Primary School, College Road, Manchester, M16 0AA
Mauldeth Road Primary School, Mauldeth Road, Manchester, M14 6SG
Meade Hill School, Middleton Road, Manchester, M8 4NB
Medlock Primary School, Wadeson Road, Manchester, M13 9UJ
Melland High School, Holmcroft Road, Manchester, M18 7NG
Melland High School, Gorton Education Village, Gorton, M18 7DT
Moor Allerton Preparatory School, 129 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester, M20 2PW
Moston Fields Primary School, Brookside Road, Manchester, M40 9GN
Moston Lane Community Primary School, Moston Lane, Manchester, M9 4HH
Mount Carmel RC Primary School, Wilson Road, Manchester, M9 8BG
New Islington Free School, Jersey Street, Manchester, M4 4JW
New Moston Primary School, Moston Lane East, Manchester, M40 3QJ
Newall Green High School, Greenbrow Road, Manchester, M23 2SX
Newall Green Primary School, Firbank Road, Manchester, M23 2YH
North Ridge High School, Higher Blackley Education Village, Manchester, M9 0RP
Northenden Community School, Bazley Road, Manchester, M22 4FL
Oasis Academy Aspinal, Broadacre Road, Manchester, M18 7NY
Oasis Academy Harpur Mount, Alfred Street, Manchester, M9 5XR
Old Hall Drive Primary School, Old Hall Drive, Manchester, M18 7FU
Old Moat Community Primary School, Old Moat Lane, Manchester, M20 3FN
Oswald Road Primary School, Oswald Road, Manchester, M21 9PL
Our Lady's RC Primary School Manchester, Whalley Road, Manchester, M16 8AW
Our Lady's RC Sports College, Alworth Road, Manchester, M9 0RP
Park View Community Primary, Nelson Street, Manchester, M40 8FE
Parrs Wood High School, Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M20 5PG
Peel Hall Primary School, Ashurst Road, Manchester, M22 5AU
Pike Fold Primary School, French Barn Lane, Manchester, M9 8ED
Piper Hill High School, Firbank Road, Manchester, M23 2YS
Plymouth Grove Primary School, Plymouth Grove West, Manchester, M13 0AQ
Rack House Primary School, Yarmouth Drive, Manchester, M23 0BT
Ravensbury Community School, Tartan Street, Manchester, M11 4EG
Ringway Primary School, Rossett Avenue, Manchester, M22 0WW
Rodney House School, 388 Slade Lane, Manchester, M19 2HT
Rolls Crescent Primary School, Rolls Crescent, Manchester, M15 5FT
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Floatshall Road, Manchester, M23 1HP
Sacred Heart RC Primary School, Knutsford Road, Manchester, M18 7HS
Saint Paul's Catholic High School, Firbank Road, Manchester, M23 2YS
Sandilands Primary School, Wendover Road, Manchester, M23 9JX
Saviour CofE Primary School, Eggington Street, Manchester, M40 7RH
Seymour Road Primary School, Seymour Road South, Manchester, M11 4PR
Southern Cross School, Barlow Hall Road, Manchester, M21 7JJ
St Agnes CofE Primary School, Farrer Road, Manchester, M13 0QX
St Aidan's Catholic Primary School, Rackhouse Road, Manchester, M23 0BW
St Ambrose RC Primary School, Princess Road, Manchester, M21 7QA
St Andrew's CofE Primary School, Broom Avenue, Manchester, M19 2UH
St Anne's RC Primary School, Carruthers Street, Manchester, M4 7EQ
St Anne's RC Primary School Crumpsall Manchester, Moss Bank, Manchester, M8 5AB
St Anthony's Catholic Primary School, Dunkery Road, Manchester, M22 0NT
St Anthony's Catholic Primary School, Dunkery Road, Manchester, M22 0NT
St Augustine's CofE Primary School, St Augustine Street, Manchester, M40 8PL
St Barnabas CofE Primary Academy, Parkhouse Street, Manchester, M11 2JX
St Bede's College, Alexandra Park, Manchester, M16 8HX
St Bernard's RC Primary School Manchester, Burnage Lane, Manchester, M19 1DR
St Brigid's RC Primary School, Grey Mare Lane, Manchester, M11 3DR
St Catherine's RC Primary School, School Lane, Manchester, M20 6HS
St Chad's RC Primary School, Balmfield Street, Manchester, M8 0SP
St Chrysostom's CofE Primary School, Lincoln Grove, Manchester, M13 0DX
St Clare's RC Primary School, Victoria Avenue, Manchester, M9 0RR
St Clement's CofE Primary School, Abbey Hey Lane, Manchester, M11 1LR
St Cuthbert's RC Primary School, Heyscroft Road, Manchester, M20 4UZ
St Dunstan's RC Primary School, Edale Avenue, Manchester, M40 9HU
St Edmund's RC Primary School, Upper Monsall Street, Manchester, M40 8NG
St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School, Calve Croft Road, Manchester, M22 5EU
St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School, Calve Croft Road, Manchester, M22 5EU
St Francis RC Primary School, Ellenbrook Close, Manchester, M12 5LZ
St James' CofE Primary School Gorton, Stelling Street, Manchester, M18 8LW
St James' CofE Primary School, Birch-in-Rusholme, Cromwell Range, Manchester, M14 6HW
St John Bosco RC Primary School, Hall Moss Road, Manchester, M9 7AT
St John Fisher and Thomas More Catholic Primary School, Woodhouse Lane, Manchester, M22 9NW
St John's CofE Primary School, Clarence Road, Manchester, M13 0YE
St John's RC Primary School, Chepstow Road, Manchester, M21 9SN
St Joseph's RC Primary School Manchester, Richmond Grove, Manchester, M13 0BT
St Kentigern's RC Primary, Bethnall Drive, Manchester, M14 7ED
St Luke's CofE Primary School, Langport Avenue, Manchester, M12 4NG
St Malachy's RC Primary School, Eggington Street, Manchester, M40 7RG
St Margaret Mary's RC Primary School Manchester, St Margaret's Road, Manchester, M40 0JE
St Margaret's CofE Primary School, Withington Road, Manchester, M16 8FQ
St Mary's CofE Junior and Infant School, Adscombe Street, Manchester, M16 7AQ
St Mary's CofE Primary School Moston, St Mary's Road, Manchester, M40 0DF
St Mary's RC Primary School Manchester, Clare Road, Manchester, M19 2QW
St Matthew's RC High School, Nuthurst Road, Manchester, M40 0EW
St Patrick's RC Primary School, Livesey Street, Manchester, M4 5HF
St Paul's CofE Primary School, St Paul's Road, Manchester, M20 4PG
St Peter's Catholic Primary School, Firbank Road, Manchester, M23 2YS
St Peter's RC High School, Kirkmanshulme Lane, Manchester, M12 4WB
St Philip's Church of England Primary School, Loxford Street, Manchester, M15 6BT
St Richard's RC Primary School, Wilpshire Avenue, Manchester, M12 5TL
St Wilfrid's CofE Aided Primary School Northenden, Patterdale Road, Manchester, M22 4NR
St Wilfrid's CofE Junior and Infant School, Mabel Street, Manchester, M40 1GB
St Wilfrid's RC Primary School, St Wilfrid's Street, Manchester, M15 5BJ
St Willibrord's RC Primary School, Vale Street, Manchester, M11 4WR
Stanley Grove Primary Academy, Stanley Grove, Longsight, M12 4NL
Temple Primary School, Smedley Lane, Manchester, M8 8SA
The Barlow RC High School and Specialist Science College, Parrs Wood Road, Manchester, M20 6BX
The Birches School, Newholme Road, Manchester, M20 2XZ
The Buzz Co the Peacock Centre, Peacock Close, Manchester, M18 8AX
The Co-operative Academy of Manchester, Plant Hill Road, Manchester, M9 0WQ
The Divine Mercy Roman Catholic Primary School, 20 Blue Moon Way, Manchester, M14 7SH
The East Manchester Academy, 60 Grey Mare Lane, Manchester, M11 3DS
The King David High School, Eaton Road, Manchester, M8 5DY
The Manchester Grammar School, Old Hall Lane, Manchester, M13 0XT
The Willows Primary School, Tayfield Road, Manchester, M22 1BQ
Trinity CofE High School, Cambridge Street, Manchester, M15 6HP
Varna Community Primary School, Varna Street, Manchester, M11 1WP
Webster Primary School, Denmark Road, Manchester, M15 6JU
Whalley Range 11-18 High School, Wilbraham Road, Manchester, M16 8GW
Wilbraham Primary School, Platt Lane, Manchester, M14 7FB
William Hulme's Grammar School, Spring Bridge Road, Manchester, M16 8PR
Withington Girls' School, Wellington Road, Manchester, M14 6BL
Wright Robinson College, Abbey Hey Lane, Manchester, M18 8RL