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Abbots Lea School, Beaconsfield Road, Liverpool, L25 6EE
Aigburth High School, Minehead Road, Liverpool, L17 6AX
All Saints' Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School, Oakfield, Liverpool, L4 2QG
Alsop High School Technology & Applied Learning Specialist College, Queen's Drive, Liverpool, L4 6SH
Anfield Road Primary School, Anfield Road, Liverpool, L4 0TN
Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College, Cedar Road, Liverpool, L9 9AF
Archbishop Blanch CofE VA High School, A Technology College and Training School, Mount Vernon Road, Liverpool, L7 3EA
Arnot St Mary CofE Primary School, Arnot Street, Liverpool, L4 4ED
Auckland College, 65-67 Parkfield Road, Liverpool, L17 4LE
Bank View High School, Sherwoods Lane, Liverpool, L10 1LW
Banks Road Primary School, Banks Road, Liverpool, L19 8JZ
Barlows Primary School, Barlows Lane, Liverpool, L9 9EH
Belle Vale Community Primary School, Besford Road, Liverpool, L25 2QF
Bellerive FCJ Catholic College, Windermere Terrace, Liverpool, L8 3SB
Belvedere Preparatory School, 17 Belvidere Road, Liverpool, L8 3TF
Bishop Martin Church of England Primary School, Church Road, Liverpool, L25 5JF
Blackmoor Park Infants' School, 45-65 Leyfield Road, Liverpool, L12 9EY
Blackmoor Park Junior School, Leyfield Road, Liverpool, L12 9HB
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School, Cedar Road, Liverpool, L9 9AF
Blueberry Park, Ackers Hall Avenue, Liverpool, L14 2DY
Booker Avenue Infant School, Booker Avenue, Liverpool, L18 9SB
Booker Avenue Junior School, Booker Avenue, Liverpool, L18 9SB
Broad Square Community Primary School, Broad Square, Liverpool, L11 1BS
Broadgreen International School, A Technology College, Queens Drive, Liverpool, L13 5UQ
Broadgreen Primary School, Oakhill Road, Liverpool, L13 5UE
Broughton Hall High School, A Technology College, Yew Tree Lane, Liverpool, L12 9HJ
Calderstones School, Harthill Road, Liverpool, L18 3HS
Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School, Honeys Green Lane, Liverpool, L12 9HZ
Carleton House Preparatory School, Lyndhurst Road, Liverpool, L18 8AQ
Childwall Church of England Primary School, Woolton Road, Liverpool, L16 0JD
Childwall Sports & Science Academy, Queen's Drive, L15 6XZ
Childwall Valley Primary School, Craighurst Road, Liverpool, L25 1NW
Christ The King Catholic Primary School, Meadway, Liverpool, L15 7LZ
Christian Fellowship School, Overbury Street, Liverpool, L7 3HL
Clifford Holroyde Centre of Expertise, Thingwall Lane, Liverpool, L14 7NX
Corinthian Community Primary School, Inigo Road, Liverpool, L13 6SH
Croxteth Community Primary School, Moss Way, Liverpool, L11 0BP
Dovecot Primary School, Grant Road, Liverpool, L14 0LH
Dovedale Infant School, Herondale Road, Liverpool, L18 1JX
Dovedale Junior School, Herondale Road, Liverpool, L18 1JX
Emmaus Church of England and Catholic Primary School, Fir Tree Drive South, Liverpool, L12 0JE
Enterprise South Liverpool Academy, 51 Horrocks Avenue, Liverpool, L19 5NY
Ernest Cookson School, Mill Lane, Liverpool, L12 7JA
Everton Free School, The Learning Exchange, Liverpool, L1 9DW
Faith Primary School, Bute Street, Liverpool, L5 3LA
Fazakerley High School, Sherwoods Lane, Liverpool, L10 1LB
Fazakerley Primary School, Formosa Drive, Liverpool, L10 7LD
Florence Melly Community Primary School, Bushey Road, Liverpool, L4 9UA
Four Oaks Primary School, Walton Breck Road, Liverpool, L5 0PA
Garston Church of England Primary School, Holman Road, Liverpool, L19 5NS
Gateacre School, Grange Lane, Liverpool, L25 4SD
Gilmour (Southbank) Infant School, Southbank Road, Liverpool, L19 9AR
Gilmour Junior School, Whitehedge Road, Liverpool, L19 1RD
Greenbank Primary School, Mossley Avenue, Liverpool, L18 1JB
Gwladys Street Primary and Nursery School, Walton Lane, Liverpool, L4 5RW
Harmonize Academy AP Free School, 7 Phillimore Road, Liverpool, L6 6DL
Heygreen Community Primary School, Taunton Street, Liverpool, L15 4ND
Holly Lodge Girls' College, Queen's Drive, Liverpool, L13 0AE
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Fontenoy Street, Liverpool, L3 2DU
Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Upper Essex Street, Liverpool, L8 6QB
Holy Name Catholic Primary School, Moss Pits Lane, Liverpool, L10 9LG
Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School, Banks Road, Liverpool, L19 8JY
Hope School, Naylorsfield Drive, Liverpool, L27 0YD
Hunts Cross Primary School, Kingsthorne Road, Liverpool, L25 0PJ
Kensington Primary School, Brae Street, Liverpool, L7 2QG
King David High School, Childwall Road, Liverpool, L15 6UZ
King David Primary School, Beauclair Drive, Liverpool, L15 6XH
Kingsley Community School, Eversley Street, Liverpool, L8 2TU
Kirkdale St Lawrence CofE Primary School, Fonthill Road, Liverpool, L4 1QD
Knotty Ash Primary School, Thomas Lane, Liverpool, L14 5NX
Lawrence Community Primary School, Lawrence Road, Liverpool, L15 0EE
Leamington Community Primary School, Leamington Road, Liverpool, L11 7BT
LIPA Primary School, Upper Duke Street, Liverpool, L1 7BT
Lister Infants School, Green Lane, Liverpool, L13 7DT
Lister Junior School, Green Lane, Liverpool, L13 7DT
Liverpool College, Queen's Drive, Liverpool, L18 8BG
Liverpool College International, Queen's Drive, Liverpool, L18 8BG
Longmoor Community Primary School, Hall Lane, Liverpool, L9 0EU
Mab Lane Junior Mixed and Infant School, Mab Lane, Liverpool, L12 6QL
Matthew Arnold Primary School, Dingle Lane, Liverpool, L8 9UB
Middlefield Community Primary School, Alderwood Avenue, Liverpool, L24 2UE
Millstead School, Old Mill Lane, Liverpool, L15 8LW
Monksdown Primary School, Monksdown Road, Liverpool, L11 1HH
Mosspits Lane Primary School, Mosspits Lane, Liverpool, L15 6UN
Much Woolton Catholic Primary School, Watergate Lane, Liverpool, L25 8QH
New Park Primary School, Butler Street, Liverpool, L6 9EU
Norman Pannell School, Brownbill Bank, Liverpool, L27 7AE
North Liverpool Academy, Priory Road, Liverpool, L4 2SL
Northcote Primary School, Cavendish Drive, Liverpool, L9 1HW
Northway Primary and Nursery School, Northway, Liverpool, L15 7JQ
Notre Dame Catholic College, Everton Valley, Liverpool, L4 4EZ
Our Lady and St Philomena's Catholic Primary School, Sparrow Hall Road, Liverpool, L9 6BU
Our Lady and St Swithin's Catholic Primary School, Parkstile Lane, Liverpool, L11 0BQ
Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School, Northumberland Terrace, Liverpool, L5 3QF
Our Lady of Good Help Catholic Primary School, South Drive, Liverpool, L15 8JL
Our Lady of The Assumption Catholic Primary School, Hedgefield Road, Liverpool, L25 2RW
Our Lady's Bishop Eton Catholic Primary School, Green Lane, Liverpool, L18 2EP
Palmerston School, Beaconsfield Road, Liverpool, L25 6EE
Phoenix Primary School, Birchfield Road, Liverpool, L7 9LY
Pinehurst Primary School Anfield, Pinehurst Avenue, Liverpool, L4 7UF
Pleasant Street Primary School, Pleasant Street, Liverpool, L3 5TS
Primary Centre, Mill Road, Liverpool, L6 2AS
Princes School, Selborne Street, Liverpool, L8 1YQ
Ranworth Square Primary School, Ranworth Square, Liverpool, L11 3DQ
Redbridge High School, Sherwoods Lane, Liverpool, L10 1LW
Rice Lane Infant and Nursery School, Lynwood Road, Liverpool, L9 3AE
Rice Lane Junior School, Brockenhurst Road, Liverpool, L9 3BU
Roscoe Primary School, Alison Road, Liverpool, L13 9AD
Rudston Primary School, Rudston Road, Liverpool, L16 4PQ
Runnymede St Edward's School, North Drive, Liverpool, L12 1LE
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Hall Lane, Liverpool, L7 8TQ
Sandfield Park School, Sandfield Walk, Liverpool, L12 1LH
Secondary Centre, Montague Road, Liverpool, L13 5TE
Smithdown Primary School, Chatsworth Drive, Liverpool, L7 6LJ
Springwood Heath Primary School, Danefield Road, Liverpool, L19 4TL
St Ambrose Catholic Primary School, Alderfield Drive, Liverpool, L24 7SF
St Anne's (Stanley) Junior Mixed and Infant School, Prescot Road, Liverpool, L13 3BT
St Anne's Catholic Primary School, Overbury Street, Liverpool, L7 3HJ
St Anthony of Padua Catholic Primary School, Sands Road off Elmsley Road, Liverpool, L18 8BD
St Austin's Catholic Primary School, Riverbank Road, Liverpool, L19 9DH
St Cecilia's Catholic Infant School, Snaefell Avenue, Liverpool, L13 7HB
St Cecilia's Catholic Junior School, Green Lane, Liverpool, L13 7EA
St Charles' Catholic Primary School, Tramway Road, Liverpool, L17 7JA
St Christopher's Catholic Primary School, Tarbock Road, Liverpool, L24 0SN
St Clare's Catholic Primary School, Garmoyle Close, Liverpool, L15 0DW
St Cleopas' Church of England Junior Mixed and Infant School, Beresford Road, Liverpool, L8 4RP
St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary and Nursery School, Aviemore Road, Liverpool, L13 3BB
St Edward's College, North Drive, Liverpool, L12 1LF
St Edward's College, North Drive, Liverpool, L12 1LF
St Finbar's Catholic Primary School, South Hill Road, Liverpool, L8 9RY
St Francis de Sales Catholic Infant and Nursery School, Margaret Road, Liverpool, L4 3RX
St Francis de Sales Catholic Junior School, Hale Road, Liverpool, L4 3RL
St Francis Xavier's College, High Lee, Liverpool, L25 6EG
St Francis Xavier's College, High Lee, Liverpool, L25 6EG
St Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Montreal Road, Liverpool, L27 7AG
St Hilda's Church of England High School, Croxteth Drive, Liverpool, L17 3AL
St Hugh's Catholic Primary School, Earle Road, Liverpool, L7 6HE
St John Bosco Arts College, Stonedale Cresent, Liverpool, L11 9DQ
St John's Catholic Primary School, Sessions Road, Liverpool, L4 1SR
St Julie's Catholic High School, Speke Road, Liverpool, L25 7TN
St Margaret's Anfield Church of England Primary School, Lower Breck Road, Liverpool, L6 4BX
St Margaret's Church of England Academy, Aigburth Road, Liverpool, L17 6AB
St Mary's Church of England Primary School, West Derby, Meadow Lane, Liverpool, L12 5EA
St Matthew's Catholic Primary School, Queens Drive, Liverpool, L4 8UA
St Michael-in-the-Hamlet Community Primary School, Neilson Road, Liverpool, L17 7BA
St Michael's Catholic Primary School, Guion Street, Liverpool, L6 9DU
St Nicholas's Catholic Primary School, Orthes Street, Liverpool, L3 5XF
St Oswald's Catholic Infant School, St Oswald Street, Liverpool, L13 5SB
St Oswald's Catholic Junior School, Montague Road, Liverpool, L13 5TE
St Paschal Baylon Catholic Primary School, Chelwood Avenue, Liverpool, L16 2LN
St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Upper Hill Street, Liverpool, L8 5UX
St Paul's and St Timothy's Catholic Infant School, South Parkside Drive, Liverpool, L12 8RP
St Paul's Catholic Junior School, Spring Grove, Liverpool, L12 8SJ
St Sebastian's Catholic Primary School and Nursery, Holly Road, Liverpool, L7 0LH
St Silas Church of England Primary School, Pengwern Street, Liverpool, L8 3TP
St Teresa of Lisieux Catholic Primary School, Utting Avenue East, Liverpool, L11 1DB
St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School, Pitt Street, Liverpool, L1 5BY
Stockton Wood Community Primary School, 23 All Saints Road, Liverpool, L24 3TF
Sudley Infant School, Dundonald Road, Liverpool, L17 0AE
Sudley Junior School, Aigburth Road, Liverpool, L17 6BH
The Academy of St Francis of Assisi, Gardeners Drive, Liverpool, L6 7UR
The Beacon Church of England Primary School, Heyworth Street, Liverpool, L5 3QG
The Belvedere Academy, 17 Belvidere Road, Liverpool, L8 3TF
The Blue Coat School, Church Road, Liverpool, L15 9EE
The De La Salle Academy, Carr Lane East, Liverpool, L11 4SG
The Trinity Catholic Primary School, Titchfield Street, Liverpool, L5 8UT
University Academy Liverpool, Dingle Vale, Liverpool, L8 9SJ
Wavertree Church of England School, Rose Villas, Liverpool, L15 8HJ
Wellesbourne Community Primary School, Abbotsford Road, Liverpool, L11 5BA
West Derby School, Quarry Wing, Liverpool, L13 7DB
Whitefield Primary School, Boundary Lane, Liverpool, L6 2HZ
Windsor Community Primary School, Upper Hill Street, Liverpool, L8 8JE
Woolton High School, Woolton Hill Road, Liverpool, L25 6JA
Woolton Primary School, Out Lane, Liverpool, L25 5NN